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Piping Parts Steel/PTFE

Full range of flanged pipe components in nominal sizes ranging from DN 15 to DN 300 (DN 500) DIN PN10 / 16 based on the standards DIN 2848 and DIN 2874. Steel frames in carbon steel and in stainless steel quality. PTFE lining with conventional wall thicknesses in addition reinforced version for heavy duty applications. Lining variants: virgin PTFE […]

Steel/PTFE Fittings and special Parts

Additional components of the pipeline construction as among blind discs, reducing blinds, injection pipes, dip pipes, strainers and sight glasses. User-specific components, column sections, collectors and other special parts of the plant and process engineering.

PTFE – Expansion Joints

Power optimized PTFE expansion joints for absorbing axial, lateral and angular movements, both for conventional requirements as well as for use with elevated PTFE wall thicknesses for harsh process conditions (Extra Heavy Duty). Besides virgin (white) standard PTFE is in case of need also electrostatically dissipative (black) PTFE available. A selectable number of convolutions allow […]

Butterfly Valves

Butterfly valves and control valves in the design wafer and lug in nominal pressure PN 10 from DN 25 – DN 1000 lined with mPTFE/PFA or in combination with optimized use of metallic materials. Body materials alternatively: cast iron, stainless steel or composite plastic. For use accessories can next manual operations also external actuation types […]

Check Valves

Fluoroplastic coated check valves for installation in horizontal and vertical pipe run either spring-loaded or as a swing check valve. Ball check valves are manufactured in different types of construction. Nominal size range: DN 40 – DN 400 DIN PN 10. Double functions are reachable with combined sight glasses/ ball check valves.

Reactor Sampling/Sampling Valves

The manual or mechanized reactor sampling systems are geared to a safe extraction of liquids from running process under the premises of the plant safety and environmental protection. Fully fluorine plastic-coated surfaces provide reliable corrosion protection when using aggressive media in range up to 200 ° C. The variants are flexible for sample volumes between […]

PTFE Hoses

Adaptable line guides for process technology and media transport with reliable suitability for high and highest demands on flow materials of chemistry, medicine, pharmacy, clean room technology, the food industry and other demanding application areas. Individual connection and quick coupling connections for short term line change for rapid change of location as well as for […]

(Fluor)plastic semi finished Products

A wide range of fully and partially fluorinated plastics, both as pure material, as well as in the form of compound mixtures can be produced both as a semi-finished product in the form of sheets, plates, tubes and cylinders, and the other as customized components. In addition to fluoroplastic such as FEP , PCTFE , […]

Fluoroplastic Coatings

For an effective protection against corrosion of metallic base chemically resistant enamel coatings in the form of ECTFE (Halar ®), PVDF and PFA can be processed in the service process. Component dimensions up to 4 m x 4 m x 4 m suitable for these surface treatments. However, the contact surfaces must be fully accessible […]