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The new Chemball|CSB ball valve from ChemValve® impresses with interesting design advantages compared to conventional PFA-lined ball valves with regard to its new TrueFloat® Technology: The single-piece PFA lining sourrounds a flexible, metallic connection between ball and stem. Advantage: No PFA abrasion between stem & ball, the one-piece shaft-ball combination with floating bearing of the […]

PTFE Expansion Joints now up to DN 900/36″

The dimensional range of PTFE-Expansion Joints is now expanded to a nominal diameter of DN 900/36″. Again, the same high-performance FDA-compliant PTFE-Polymer is in use, compatibly applied for smaller dimensions. Additional options, such as conductive PTFE, alternative flange materials besides various root ring constituents can be chosen for the dimension DN 900/26″, too. The perfectly […]

Butterfly Valve Type CST pharma

Heatable disc (steam, 130°C, 3 bar max.) which generates the germicidal effect Optimal and consistent heating through the hollow disc The construction for the steam as well as the leakage security drill hole is separated from the valve itself. If a leakage is detected it can be repaired without dismantling the valve and ensures no […]

High Performance Valve Type CSH

Tangential deviation of the disc whilst remaining centrically seated Tangential sealing along the spherical valve body The innovative design allows a high performance sealing systems 1. FKM encapsulated with TFM 2. Enerseal PTFE/PB72 with Elgiloy® 3. Peek Optimum flow rate performance Maintenance-free shaft chevron rings Nominal pressure up to PN40 and ANSI 300 Body and […]

Ball Check Valve Type Y

Available  in virgin PTFE lining or electrostatically dissipative. Optional with full or hollow ball made of PTFE, usable horizontal und vertikal. The advantage is a flow without hindrance, because no parts of construction remain in space like other check valves. The ball disappears in the side, so that the full flow over the entire nominal […]